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IPA [ɳʲ]
AS [ṇ′]

positional variant (does not occur in isolation)
Based on Maciołek & Tambor (2012)
Voiced: the vocal folds are in contact, the air coming from the lungs causes them to vibrate.
Retroflex: the tip of the tongue touches the upper palate behind the alveolar ridge. At the same time the back of the tongue rises towards the soft palate.
Palatalized: the middle of the tongue gets closer to the hard palate as a secondary articulation.
Nasal: there is a closure in the oral cavity, the soft palate moves away from the back of the pharyngeal cavity and enables the free flow of air through the nasal cavity and out. After that, the closure in the oral cavity is released.

[ɳʲ] in expressions

Sound  Sound  Sound 


EN   towel [N Nom Sg]
IPA [rɛɳʲt͡ʂʲɲik]
AS  [reṇ′č′ńik]