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positional variant (does not occur in isolation)
Based on Maciołek & Tambor (2012)
Voiceless: the vocal folds are separated, not vibrating, the air flows freely between them.
Alveolar: the front part of the tongue lies against the alveolar ridge and the teeth.
Non-palatalized: the middle of the tongue is in a neutral position, it does not take part in the articulation.
Lateral: there is a closure between the tongue tip and the alveolar ridge. Between the sides of the tongue and the premolars there is a passage which is larger than with fricatives and through which the air from the lungs can pass freely.

[] in expressions

Sound  Sound 


EN   Siedlce inhabitants [N Gen Pl]
IPA [ɕɛtl̥t͡ʂan]
AS  [śetl̦čan]
Sound  Sound 


EN   thought [N Nom Sg]
IPA [mɨɕl̥]
AS  [myśl̦]